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Our four-legged friends

Shiver, 19 years old and lots of energy! A peperino who, after testing you, will give you great excitement on any kind of jumps and trails.
Thomas, age 7, as handsome as he is good. The perfect teacher for little ones who want to become familiar with the sport and have fun!
Cuba, 12, accompanies the boys from their first steps in the saddle to their first races with great patience and regularity.
India, 13 years old and so sweet. Professor, the ideal mare for gaining confidence and familiarity in the saddle. Calmness and patience are her strengths, making her perfect for du base activity in the field and unforgettable hikes.
Canadian, 20 years old, ideal for patent attainment. AVAILABLE IN HALF TRUST.
Dado, 11 years old: a little ball of fur. The smallest in the stable, but also the most affectionate. He teaches his young riders the three gaits to perfection. Despite his short legs, he is a pro at playful pursuits and carousels.