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Our modern and welcoming facility, located on the plains of Eporeda, is designed in every detail to facilitate and improve the quality of life for horses and their work. Large (3.5×3.5m) and bright (two windows) stalls, large paddocks, carousel, roundabout and covered field are just some of the amenities we offer. Surrounded by the mountains that form the moraine amphitheater, the outdoor arena is the best place to work horses in serenity on the terrain that most enhances them: grass!
We offer the option of housing your horses in stalls and/or paddocks and include the use of all facilities in the monthly fee.

The a.s.d. Mezzanetti Horse Club in addition to being affiliated with Libertas (a sports promotion organization recognized by the C.O.N.I.) is a F.I.S.E. (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports) center, which guarantees the quality of services and the skills of the instructors . The riding school is open to aspiring riders of all levels from 4 years old and up. Lessons are conducted exclusively by federally qualified instructors who follow students from their first steps in the saddle to competitive riding, accompanying them on this path of sporting and personal growth. We have ponies and horses of all sizes and levels to facilitate learning and ensure fun.

In addition, weekly activities are organized to learn horse care, reinforce our team, sports and physical activity preparatory to horseback riding, prepare and train parents who want to share this passion with their children by helping them in every step, social competitions, and much more.
During the summer period you can participate in Summer Camps to experience this passion all round, deepen technical knowledge of horseback riding and improve your English language.
Only by visiting us can you better understand the quality of the facility and the serenity that you can breathe there, we are waiting for you!